Death Wouldn't Come

The story of this nonfiction novel took place over a period of over five decades, way before the #MeToo movement and the anti-bullying era. It is a true triumph-over-tragedy narrative concerning the life of an innocent young boy and his horrific stages of alarming physical and sexual abuse, along with disheartening moments of childhood bullying.These pages are a bold and descriptive personal recollection of the bad hand dealt to a naïve boy whose life began in the church. By deception and the evildoings of unsuspected individuals, this boy would then be thrust into a nightmarish journey of corruption. It was a pilgrimage that found him desperately trying to survive all the stress, the mess, and the strain that came his way. Being such a clueless and helpless boy who hardly knew the world and its badlands of danger, he would step into all kinds of turmoil that would turn on him viciously as he constantly struggled to become a man. At the highest level of chaos, it turned his life upside down. Having to live in the hideous and heated havoc, he would try desperately to keep it all a secret with a lie that would snowball into deeper devastation.His only answer to find relief from all the madness was a desperate attempt to do away with his life by his own hand. But death wouldn’t come his way. His ordeal tells the story—a story much needed to be told, to make others aware of what’s out there that could traumatically dismantle one’s life. It was written to warn the innocent and soothe those who bear witness to this kind of draining affliction of abuse and bullying. The truth of who the real wretched culprits were from the beginning to the very end of this shattering story will shock you. The pages of "Death Would't Come" by Ronn Harris are a bold and descriptive recollection of a boy’s tracing back the bad hand he was dealt in his nightmarish journey into corruption and abuse. It is a pilgrimage of him desperately trying to survive through decades, all the mess and strain. His toilsome adventure tells of a story much needed to be told. It’s a story to make others aware, to warn the innocent, and soothe the disparity of those who bear witness to this kind of draining affliction.

--Ronn Harris