Despite the Darkness, His Light Remains Despite the Darkness, His Light Remains

If you made the decision to call out to God for answers when you are broken, lost, and uncertain of your future, would you be open to see the help that he sends for you? Would you trust in him to know exactly what you need, even if it isn’t what you think the answer should be? If he sent a guardian angel to help you, although not knowing who or what they would appear as, would you accept their help even if they only appear as a caring friend or family member?It is in the darkest hours of our lives that we face such critical decisions. We struggle to combat the forces that seek to draw strength from our weaknesses, hoping that God is still there fighting for us.The truth remains that he, in fact, is and always has been fighting for our salvation, even in the times that we push him away. He waits for us to open our hearts to accept his love and blessings. God knows the hearts and trials of not only all the angels that serve him but all his beloved children on earth as well.

--Rachel Vanderwood