Did I Kill My Brother?: The Story of the Last Three Years of the Life of Rod Bell and About My Mom: The Story of Ruby Bell's Last Fight

Did I Kill My Brother is the story of Jeff Bell’s experiences he wishes to share with as many as possible. He went through great trials with his older brother, Rod, being an invalid from a jobsite accident and from diabetes. It was heartbreaking for Jeff that he couldn’t do more for Rod who had done so much for him in his life. Jeff takes you through the final situation of Rod’s life leading to his death. Because of Rod’s condition, Jeff decided to have Rod admitted to the hospital against his wishes. Enter into Jeff’s thought process as he is shocked, scared, and sad as Rod dies suddenly. Did Jeff’s decision cause Rod’s death? He’ll never know but has decided that he did what he thought was best.The next section takes you on a journey as the Lewy body dementia of Jeff’s mom progresses. It seemed a quick trip from normal to feeling scared, guilty, and uncertain. She enters a memory care facility, and Jeff describes day-to-day episodes and changes in her behavior. When his mom’s money is running low, he puts her into an adult foster home, which was a great solution. In that environment, with less yelling, fighting, and alarms, she improved for a while, and Jeff gets to enjoy his mom again. However, she didn’t totally improve, and the disease hits again.Jeff moves his mom into their home for financial reasons and because of failing health. His mom, although very weak, actually got her mind back for the last two weeks. Thank you, Lord.This book is helpful for identifying emotions one might have and practical things with much helpful information for anyone going through similar experiences. It tells how Jeff was able to help his mom and deal with his own deficiencies.

--Jeff Bell