Discoveries Along the Way with Alan Thornhill

Alan Thornhill was the human mirror of a loving God and the most delightful and trustworthy of friends. He never used pompous jargon. What people needed was the clear word of the Holy Spirit speaking in their inner ear. His Christianity was not skin deep. It went right through him to the very marrow of his being.—Graham Turner, British journalist and authorDiscoveries Along the Way with Alan Thornhill is a series of short reflections taken from his sermons. Alan Thornhill’s great love of people and his gift of storytelling make these reflections very accessible as a roadmap for those seeking a deeper faith. He was both a priest and playwright and so was able to share profound truth from the stage or the pulpit with humor, personal stories and honesty that challenge the reader. The reflections are a jumping-off point for those who wish to explore inner listening and to seek fresh personal insights.

--Susan Corcoran