Discovering the Joys of Life: The 7 Life-Giving Principles for a Meaningful Life

This is an invitation that, before the big sleep, we must learn to discover the joys of life where peace, love, and serenity thrive; that God’s love is the foundation of all forms of love and a driving force to share the love through our compassion and charity.

Being self-aware is an essential step in our understanding of who we are, what we do, and why we do it, and what gives meaning to us in life. The mystery of prayer is key to understand the mystery of human life; that living the present moment is the grace that we have every day. Being grateful of life, of people, of events, and moments that we are called to take an adventure and learn to be playful as children of God.

I love this book. So simple and powerful! Thank you Fr. Joe for refreshing my spirit with your words and life.

Bo Sanchez

Best Selling Author and Inspirational Preacher

Fr. Joe Blas Nolasco’s book is a very helpful guide to living a truly meaningful, happy, and fruitful life. It is the fruit of his prayerful and biblically guided reflection on his many years of experience as a priest-chaplain dialoguing with thousands of patients and people in difficulties. Fr. Joe writes engagingly and challenges you to reflect and act on your own life. Reading this book will be a grace for you as it has already been for me.

Most Rev. Teodoro Bacani, D.D.

This book is a ray of hope in this troubled time. It will restore our conviction and strengthen our faith in a God who assures us, “BE NOT AFRAID!” (Mt. 14:27)

Most Rev. Gerardo A. Alminaza, D.D.

Bishop of the Diocese of San Carlos, Philippines

I commend Fr. Nolasco for writing this book and for sharing the fruits of his pastoral experience to us all. His work will surely aid us in our journey towards spiritual maturity and realization as Christians. Its publication is definitely timely. The book creatively spells out moments of joy even in most difficult situations in our lives.

His Eminence Jose Cardinal F. Advincula, Jr. D.D.

Archbishop of Manila

--Rev. Fr. Joe Blas Nolasco

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