Divine Appointments

At the age of seventy-six with my health failing, I wrote this autobiography to help others learn from my past experiences. It is my testimony about God’s grace, mercy, faithfulness, patience, love, salvation, healing, deliverance, and particularly His sovereignty. Because of God’s sovereignty, my life has been a series of divine appointments. Looking back, I can now see how God was watching over my life, even before I experienced His saving grace.I made several serious mistakes in my walk with God, which I hope will help the reader learn from my errors. You will find my experiences with God to be encouraging, informative, enlightening, inspiring, and protective regarding the many spiritual landmines the kingdom of darkness lays to harm us.God has worked in my life in such a way that He has combined what I did as a private detective before my conversion to Jesus Christ with the ministry He called me to after His saving grace delivered me from occult deception. The things I learned from each divine appointment will help the reader not only grow in your personal relationship with God but also to understand political and economic forces that are trying to enslave the world under the Antichrist.

--David Scott