Drinking Milk: The Authorized King James Version

Have you ever wondered what is in the Bible? Have you ever tried to read the Holy Word of God and been completely overwhelmed by its immense content? Drinking Milk is a comprehensive outline and a unique tool that allows you to gently and easily begin to sip on the Holy Word of God without being intensely overwhelmed. Soon, you will begin to grow and hunger for more as a babe grows out of milk into solid foods (Hebrews 5:13–14) and (1 Peter 2:2). Eventually, you will begin to desire and have an appetite to be more fulfilled.Before you even realize it, you will be delving into the Holy Word of God, no longer a babe but walking on an amazing journey with Jesus. This book is a great introductory Bible study into the Word of God with plenty of open space to serve as a work book also. Great for young and old alike and for those who are seasoned Christians. Drinking Milk is a great way to add to your study tools.This book is merely a snapshot of what’s in the Bible. It is not intended to replace regular reading of the Holy Scripture. Neither is it a commentary meant to explain the Holy Scripture in any way. I trust the power of the Holy Spirit will lead you to a divine understanding.Although the Scripture is in the Authorized King James Version, the outline and Scripture format is applicable to all commonly used versions—NIV, NLT, NASB, ESV, MSG, AMP, etc.Blessings,LS

--Lori Lynn St. Louis