Earth Girl

Avalon Archer has always felt different from her happy-go-lucky teenage peers, but she soon discovers how different she really is from everyone else. Avalon is a rich, smart girl with little social etiquette, but she’s had a hard life. Avalon spent most of her life trying to appease her strict father, but now, she’s doing the best she can to run from him since he is trying to kill her for the possession of Earth.

Abel, a broody farmer boy, protects Avalon at whatever the cost. Abel discovers quickly there is more to life than being a provider, and he enjoys the chaos a long road trip can bring.

Together, Avalon and Abel must fight centuries of rebels and protectors of Earth in order to achieve survival, love, and a special planet to reside on. Discovering their powers, their origin, and their rightful place in the strange world is just the beginning.

Avalon and Abel, an unlikely pair, go on a journey of a lifetime as they find out what is worth fighting for in life, both on Earth and beyond the cosmos.

--Jennie Stretch