Echo's Tale: Burden of the Tail

In the city of Wallacgrum, located in the middle of the country of Railam, known for its beautiful meadows and cherry blossom trees, is a place where the great King Fayos shone his benevolent light upon all his people. However, all that changed when the king fell ill and began having ridiculous dreams about the tail of a dragon that can cure anything. As desperate as the king was, his insanity drove him to mandate the whole kingdom to find this tail. However, a young Nubian man named Koldiar and three foolish men intercepted his royal decree and set off to steal this supernatural tail.This story follows Koldiar as he treks through uncomfortable situations and unfortunate events to become the king’s holy knight and to find his faith, but despite his goal, he soon finds love in a caramel-skinned woman with diamond-blue eyes named Echo, who will be forced to choose between a love so pure and a love of guilt.Through this journey, Koldiar must be exceptionally careful with Echo, as winning her love is not an easy task because Koldiar would soon find out…she is the tail of old, the tail brightened, the dragon of the blue flame! She is Echo, and this is her tale! Or is it?<>

--Khanyon G. Jerome