Edge of the Light: Healing through my Seven Divine Powers

Growing up on a farm in Kentucky, I know the meaning of a "hard day's work." As the sun was setting, we could hear Mom ringing the dinner bell. With a country meal on the table, Dad began to say the blessings. Believing life was simple, I had no idea of the turmoil ahead of me. After high school, I soon married, and my life changed forever as the beatings began. And within a few years, we had two little girls. I turned to the church for help, but they told me to turn the other cheek. My family could not help me financially. With no one to turn to, I fell into the darkness. So I filed for a divorce.

One day, the girls' father took them for a weekend visit but ended up kidnapping them for three years! I prayed every day for my children's safety. Finding my girls was by the grace of God. We suffer with an emotional handicap, but because of our strong faith in God, we all now have wonderful lives. And I hope my book will touch many lives, covering issues such as bullying, human trafficking, women's rights, and spousal abuse to name a few.

Writing Edge of the Light has given me a chance to continue to heal. Each chapter is inspired by one of the seven divine powers. The edge is a most divine place to be, it is structured by the hand of God. There you will be comforted and healed. Never lose hope, for the darkness is short-lived, but the Light shines forever. I can now ring my bell of freedom!