Elemento consists of eight themes that come together to create elemento, the text guide. It was created for the scholar, craftsmen, evangelical, and for the artist in all of us in the book Ruben Bermejo developed. There are methods that begin to describe the function of the book’s cause and slowly but surely prepare the reader to master the craft of artistic expression. And amazingly, it simplifies the overview of a grand ordered plan. The elemento sets the tone for conversion. It gives standards for colloquium segments, bringing an older version of a more natural ministry. Our function is to establish cause and effect conversation in group segments that create the right tone for social networking. We carry the flames of hope, peace, love, and faith. And so in conclusion, this book edifies the rules and regulations of Christian Faith Publishing, it’s realistic and diverse, the right aspiration and scholarly aspects of new positive thinking.

--Ruben Samuel Bermejo Negron