Escapades with The Holy Spirit

Escapades with the Holy SpiritThe book was inspired by my born-again experience in 2014. I was so amazed by the things of God, felt compelled to write it down. And those events that were forgotten, he reminded me, and I wrote about them too. Eventually, all informal notes were turned into this book.For over three years, I had no idea what to call the book. No title until the Holy Spirit spoke. While reading the Book of Jeremiah, I heard his voice say, “Escapades with the Holy Spirit.” I responded aloud, “Oh, that’s good!” I liked the title instantly and was so relieved to have it.A title from God that tells of my mission in life. How wonderful that was. If God is for me, who can be against me? Thank you, Holy Spirit.I very much enjoy helping others and praying for the sick, aside from writing which I have done before. The only difference is before, I was writing formal reports of interviews and now am writing about the ways of our Creator, showing others all is possible with God.The love and joy are indescribable, nothing else matters. I live alone, far from family, and have this one spiritual friend whom I love. He just happens to be God.

--Augustina Hernandez