It’s 2054, and all the cities in the country are ruled by the Democrats (DemonRats) and have been since 2020. People are not allowed to leave their homes or be murdered by the demonites, who are employed by the DemonRats. The people’s every waking minute is controlled by the DemonRats—even the length of time used to take a shower—or face punishment or euthanization.Eve, sixteen years old, is about to be married off to a stranger and moved to their marriage home. Her parents, who remembered what life was like before DemonRat control, didn’t want Eve to suffer the way everyone in the city does. So they hatch a plan to help her get out of a city and into the country—the DemonRats had no control in the country because the countryfolk fought back—where Eve can experience what life should be, where she could feel the grass under her feet and breathe the fresh air and eat real food.After a dangerous journey avoiding the demonites, Eve finds help from a family in the country and begins to learn what life is about, but she has to be taught how to eat real food, take a bath, brush her teeth, etc. She is finally happy and enjoying being alive until she and her new family learn that a demonite compound is being built not too far away, and a battle ensues. The family prepares to protect Eve and themselves even to the death.

--Tracie Mitchell