Everyday Saints

Over the course of fifty years of pastoral ministry, thousands of people crossed the path of Dr. George Ault. Most of these were ordinary people he recognized as exuding special gifts of courage, faith, love, joy and hope. Dr. Ault thinks of these people as “everyday saints,” not because they were perfect, but because of their simple gifts and their willingness to share themselves with the world in which they lived.In a world that immerses us in the lives of the stars, George Ault celebrates the common person. These are men and women who will not make the headlines, but live their lives with quiet nobility. And in doing so, they become exceptional, leaving their mark for the rest of us to contemplate.Most of the everyday saints in this book are no longer with us. However, they are still vibrantly alive in Ault's memory. These everyday saints were his teachers in the trenches of life as he learned about loving and caring for others by their example. How he developed and grew was as a direct result of these kinds of amazing people who crossed his path.Sharing in the lives of these everyday saints and experiencing what they demonstrated with their lives was a blessing for Ault. These everyday saints continue to bless all who peer over the pages of this book. Even a small glimpse of these everyday saints will cause anyone to marvel and believe in the potential to become a better person.Look around. Everyday saints are everywhere.

--George Ault