Explosive Inheritance

You have an inheritance.

Yes, you!

Right here, right now, there is an inheritance waiting for you.

Greater than any amount of money, you have an inheritance that empowers you for the impossible.

Imagine having the ability to solve any of the problems plaguing the people and the places we know and love today. Imagine the possibility that nothing is impossible. Imagine having the key to cure cancer; break generational curses; deliver people from addictions, depression, anxiety, or any other physical or spiritual affliction. Imagine having a greater authority, job description, and skill set than your favorite superhero. This is not a fantasy; this is your Explosive Inheritance!

In the following pages, you will discover the promises that God made, about the explosive power that Jesus manifested, and how you can inherit the same for yourself.

If you are ready to explore the possibilities of becoming more powerful, impactful, and purposeful than even your favorite superhero, Explosive Inheritance was written for you.

You have an inheritance, and this is your invitation.

--Matthew Jones