Faith Mission: A Memoir Worth Discovering

Sometimes you only get one chance in a lifetime to tell your story. I’ve learned to push through the fears and just let it flow. A journey of inspiration is one that is shared with others, far beyond your existence. Share in my life experience as I navigate my personal, professional, and spiritual voyage. This memoir is not one-dimensional, but it is multifaceted. It was created with purpose and strategically designed to reach generations of people in various walks of life. It not only unfolds my life journey, but it provides personal feedback, clinical insight, spiritual revelation, professional development, self-help, and many other empowering tools along the way. It challenges you to think outside the box and to gather perspective from lived and learned experience. What it took for me to learn in twenty-nine years and through many avenues, you can learn in one sitting by reading this book. That is the power of reading! You get to explore through someone else’s journey. Catch these tools to assist you in creating your own mark in life so that you may be the change that you want to see.

--Tatiana S. Richardson