Finding the Way: Proclaiming Jesus as Truth

Today's society is plagued with the notion that words are as good as deeds. Unfortunately, this attitude has crept over into Christ's church. One of the biggest complaints about churchgoers is the hypocrisy being lived out by Christians. People are taught to verbally proclaim the teachings of Christ but people are rarely taught how to live Jesus's teachings. There has been this disconnect between what a child of God believes and what a child of God actually does in their daily life.

In this study, Kathleen uses a few questions, exercises and a small exploration through the Bible to help you see the truth in Christ's parables and learn how to apply them to your life. As Christ followers, we need to be diligent in making sure the message that comes out of our mouths aligns with the actions in our lives. Out of love and respect for God, children of God need to make sure our lives proclaim exactly the same message as God commanded.

--L. Kathleen Cline

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