Fit to Fight: Empowering Women's Challenges and Journey

We are growing in a world that allows women to have it all, to do it all, but were not really being taught how. How do we handle the challenges, family, kids, relationships, choices, values, habits, people, or circumstances?

As women, we face many challenges and have a wide spectrum to deal with that require us to use any skill, tool, invention, and creativity in order to achieve our dreams and goals. Moreover, it is challenging to manage and handle reshaping and changing our lives for the better.

It is not until your circumstances or inner emotional nature dictates “You can’t do this anymore. You have to change if you want to survive” that you will start to make the necessary changes to transform your mind, habits, and soul.

This book is intended for you to give you a direction, a new point of view, some tools, and a road map that will be useful for your own private life.

We are going to learn together how to be empowered to be able to fit to fight. That is with grace, harmony, and peace of mind, to know how to be able to navigate our own ship to quiet waters, and embrace life’s challenges with inner quietude and knowledge that, yes, we can!

Join us for a great journey.

--Dr. Shirli Regev and Dr. Gil Tivon