For the Love of Sam

This book is a collection of stories. One story, "For the Love of Sam," takes up more than half the book. Sam is the story of a journey into faith by a young woman named Amanda and then her walk with the Lord after coming to faith. She believes there must be a God but has trouble accepting the God of the Bible. She is full of doubts and objections. Through studying the Bible, reading other books, and the support and understanding of a group of friends I think of as "Christian misfits," her stumbling blocks are gradually overcome. This world is full of people like Amanda, and so this book is dedicated to everyone who is searching for God, whether they know it or not. The other stories in this book all have a faith element in them except for one. All these stories are fiction, except for "The Journey." In some, the faith element is predominate; in others, it is subdued. God is present in all aspects of our life. Faith is the tie that binds.

--David A. Brown