Forest for the Trees

Miriam selflessly commits to the lifetime care of her friend, Mara’s daughter, Neris. Both mother and child were victims of a demonic curse, which Miriam hopes to foil during her ninth lifetime on earth. When she walks into the sun, she goes before the Preterit Council. They dictate the terms of her rebirth. Upon returning to earth, she must fulfill the tasks set before her in order to live a peaceful and well-deserved life with the man that she loves. Her champions, to name a few, are Lady Puissant, the good witch; Hercules; and three small but fiercely loyal men. Each is determined as she to foil Poseidon’s attempt to punish Miriam for challenging his dictates in the past. Hers is a story of courage against difficult odds and the determination of a woman who has no choice but to fulfill the dictates of an egotistical, angry entity or suffer the consequences. Failure could cost her this life, all future lives, and the dream of living in love, peace and harmony with her soulmate.

--Diane Pelkey