Forgiveness Is The Key: You Are The Key, A Poetic Truth

Forgive God for letting you live in a world of fear, pain, and sorrow. Forgive yourself for asking to be born to experience a world of fear, pain, and sorrow. Forgive all humanity from one end of the world to the other for all the wrong things you think they have done to you and your love ones. Forgive the lion that clawed you; forgive the bear that attacked you. Forgive the ants that flood your counter top; forgive the cockroaches that infest your floors; forgive the spiders that fang you as you sleep. Forgive the tree that timbered on your rooftop; forgive the poison oak that infected your skin. Forgive viruses, bacteria, and cells that make you feel the painful effects of illness; forgive the pollen, dander, and foods that give the illusion of allergies.

Forgive all life and let the domino effect fall where it may. Send good and positive energy that will flow through the current of the air, ultimately reaching the universe where it will boomerang mind to mind, life to life. Remember to thank God and the universe for the domino and boomerang effect through forgiveness. Remember, forgiveness breaks the chains of bondage of all life. Forgiveness releases you and them from the burdens of prison.

I forgive you, and your chains and mine are broken. We are now free to be. Let the domino effect sweep through and let the boomerang effect soar through the core of your mind and heart where the spirit will be awakened because it remembers truth.

I recognize and understand fully how controversial some of this poetry is. Controversial comes from many various beliefs, what we choose to believe, sadness, and where we are spiritually. We are certainly free to choose what we will believe, but one day, we will all be in the same place of truth even though we may not foresee it as of yet. The brutal things we do to one another are very heartbreaking, full of sorrow. But forgiveness lets you keep your peace, strength, and power. Enjoy the pleasures of life to balance out the pains we endure. In spite of accepting the truth of what I have asked for, I choose to remain humble and value compassion of all the suffering we encounter in our lives and all over the world. This world certainly needs salvation, and forgiveness will save all of us for forgiveness is the key, and you are the key.

Always remember, God willed us back home to Him before we were even born. Heaven is where we come from. Heaven is our home where freedom is limitless and love reigns forever.

I send my wishes and desires of forgiveness and love and righteousness from my mind to yours, blessing you with peace, happiness, wellness, salvation, and ultimately, true freedom.

In the love of Christ! Amen.

--Lorenza Palomino