Forty Days to Freedom: Get Your Deepest Biblical Questions Answered

From the onset of the first question—“Is it biblical (right) to have a funeral service in the church (edifice)?”—to the dire last question—“Is it forbidden for Christians to hold political office?”—Forty Days to Freedom engages the yearning soul seeking clarity that brings stink or peace, pain or joy, folly or wisdom, incredulity or faith. It reveals biblical truths about our existence and the faith that was once handed down to us by those who had gone ahead of us. It allows the Scripture to speak and mankind to listen. It reveals God’s own heart in matters that may seem controversial to the many preachers and teachers of our faith today and in matters that many believers find intriguing to their thirsty souls. Whichever way it may take you depends on the condition of your heart, but it is Forty Days to Freedom.

--James A. Tondo

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