From Mushrooms to the Messiah

How do you define success?

Is it a flourishing family life, prosperous career, healthy marriage, scholastic achievement, or physical fitness? Maybe your idea of success is a combination of the above. No matter how you define success, your journey to the top of that mountain requires commitment. From Mushrooms to the Messiah follows one man’s journey to discover how to make and keep commitments that will ultimately provide the success and fulfillment that many of us desire.

Prepare yourself for a wild ride through fraternity life and into the drug abuse that brought one man face-to-face with the God who would turn his life upside down. No matter your religion or worldview, From Mushrooms to the Messiah will test your understanding of God and redefine faith while offering a timeless and unique love story the world has never known. What are you waiting for? An adventure awaits the willing.

--Matthew Jones