From the Past Lifetime

Hello, my name is Xuan Nguyen. I’m the author of this book, From the Past Lifetime. This is a collection of the real exciting short stories about some of my premonitions, hunches, as well as predictions, since I was a young kid about three years old to when I was an adult about twenty-nine to thirty years old.Since I was a baby, there were already some strange things surrounding me. Back in those days, my grandpa and my mom used to put me in a big plastic bowl every day and taking the shower for me. But what’s so strange is that if any day I didn’t take a shower, then I got sick right that day! Another strange thing is that after taking the shower, if anytime they tried to dress me and if I stare at that pair of clothes, then I would get sick the next day if they put that clothes on me!When I turned three years old, one of my favorite aunts at the time suddenly vanished. Then I tried to find her anyway I could, but in my young mind and feelings, I already knew something had happened. Then I told my grandpa and my mom that my aunt would never come back. And it turned out to be so true that my aunt had escaped the ocean and drifted to another land to live forever, never coming back! Besides that, I have some other premonitions and hunches such as about the two thieves who came and stole everything in my house at night. Some other premonitions and predictions I have had such as about Leonardo DiCaprio and his successful nose about the tsunami in Indonesia, about the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton, and many other premonitions and predictions that have happened for real in my life.

--Xuan Nguyen

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