God Goggles: Pride vs Humility

The idea of God Goggles brings the Lord’s heavenly perspective to life as if a child was actually looking through God’s eyes. God’s vision shows us an oasis of perfection in what should have been our world before the fall of Adam and Eve. When the goggles are put on and touch our sinful nature, they bring to life adventurous revelation on how we should act to our brothers and sisters. We live in a troubled world that is not our true home. As the first two commandments state “we shall love God above all others” and “love our neighbor as we love our self.”

God Goggles started off being about the seven deadly sins, but with God steering my heart, it has been shown to me that the series can be used for every problem or issue this world throws at us from pride, anger, lying, peer pressure, drug use, death, divorce, relocation, etc. The possibilities are endless through God. Come along for the ride . . . With these courageously daring goggles, you will be able to see the hope and peace of the Lord.

This book is dedicated to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my wonderful wife, Tina, and beautiful boys, Gabriel, Luca, and Niko. And with a special heartfelt thanks to Christian Faith Publishing.

The God Goggles and other sins of this world. Next up is Anger vs. Love.

--Steve Perschbacher