God Is Speaking: Dreams And Visions Prophetic Manual

This book reveals the basic ideology concerning dreams and visions and give illustrations about what is a dream and what is a vision. It reveals the differences and the contrast between a dream and a vision, and a trance. This book will examine the different categories of dreams and discuss how God Almighty desires to communicate through your dreams and other methods of communication with man. You will learn eight ways how to enhance your dream life and be able to recall them.

and give you many examples of dream, symbols, places, and objects you might see in a dream, and reveal to you how to interpret your dreams. This book conveys how God uses dreams to reveal His divine plan and nature to you. It will explain how we were created to hear God’s voice and explains how to interact with God in a conscious way while you are still dreaming. It gives you many biblical scriptures and examples, personal experiences, concerning dreams and vision.

--Bishop Cordell Allen