God-Sized Hole: Living in God's Will or Your Own

If you are reading this, thank you for picking it up! This book is my attempt to share what my experience has been coming to know Jesus Christ and the abundant happiness and life that surround that. The book intends to use real-life examples from my own sinful living and put them in comparison to some useful biblical truths that share the same theme—a man with a God-sized hole. The more I put into it, the bigger it got, and ultimately the consequences became dire at best. The life that I lived trying daily to seek satisfaction through alcohol, drugs, sex, money, perceived power, or popularity led down a road full of consequences, losses, heartache, and nothing to show for it but loneliness, fear, and a desperation to survive (thank God!).

Once the bottom was hit, God had no place for me to go but up, and I don’t mean heaven. He helped me to live a life that is far more abundant and purposeful than I ever could have dreamed before. I was completely shortsighted, often wanting so much more but simply not able to attain or keep the feeling I wanted living in my own strength. Ultimately over the years as you will see in this book, the void grew darker and deeper.

It’s a quick read, intended to keep pace and interesting. You will not find this book to be overly theological, but I have attempted to pack it with enough truth to be useful for nonbelievers and believers alike. It can be a great reminder or a large blinking warning sign, and my only hope is that you find it to have been useful in understanding the void that we all have that God intends for Himself to fill. No matter where you stand on that, I hope you enjoy the ride. It was a bit bumpy for me.

Happy reading and blessings.

--Benjamin M. Carter Jr.