God's Frying Pan

God’s Frying Pan follows one woman’s journey back to God, along with defining her ideas of how he truly uses us in our own lives to learn his lessons.

After being married to her “person” for nearly twenty years and having a beautiful son, Gemma believed her life was complete. All she and Scott had to do was continue to love and grow with each other through the rest of their lives.

Moving to a new town for a promotion seemed like a great new chapter in their lives. However, things don’t always turn out the way we expect.

Embarking on the hardest season of her life so far, Gemma calls into question her long held beliefs about love, commitment, and marriage, while searching for meaning and rekindling her relationship with God.

She keeps returning to the idea that God uses us as frying pans, giving us situations to help us learn to “cook,” and it’s up to us to learn how to “cook” them to perfection.

Do they need to be flash fried (quick action)?

Or is a slow simmer a better option (let things unfold naturally)?

A rapid boil perhaps (constant attention)?

Sometimes things are going to get burnt, other times remain undercooked, and that’s okay. It’s how we learn, if we are paying attention.

Along the way, she experiences some powerful personal moments as she learns how to “cook” the various situations in her life to perfection.

--B.A. May