God's Love Expressed

God’s Love Expressed is a compelling compilation of poetry. When paired along with scripture, it can become an educational Bible study. It highlights some points of reference that the young reader can reflect upon.When writing God’s Love Expressed, the author studied the Bible to gain a sense of the inspired Word. The author wants the book to be somewhat of a poetic digest, informing the reader of God’s intentional message of love and deliverance.God’s Love Expressed is truly an exemplification of God’s Word in action. The reader can delve into each story and capture the moment as if he or she were standing in the times of Bible history!Readers can cuddle up with a cup of tea and a blanket to bask in God’s goodness as expressed through this book or gather together in small groups with their Bibles to discuss each story.Readers can also discover God’s providential care of the believers of the Word. The miraculous ways the Savior brings about loving sacrifice on behalf of His children. The author hopes to inspire readers to add God’s Love Expressed to their devotional hour for meditation and inspiration.

--Kellie Daniels