God's Poetic Moments Within

For over twenty-five years, Catherine kept a collection of poetry and short stories in a little nightstand next to her bed. She wrote them down over time according to what she was experiencing at that specific period in her life. Together, they tell a story of her journey through motherhood, the pain of watching a loved one live through a miscarriage, the responsibility of our actions carried in our hands, but mainly God’s presence in our darkest times. The realization that God is always there even when we may not notice is the main subject. His comfort and love are a common theme throughout. Catherine sees her poetry as a gift that God has given her. By using God’s gift, she can focus on his love through all of life’s unpredictable moments. God’s gifts are meant to be shared. She now would like to share some of her favorite poetry with others so they can have the same peace and comfort she has found. Following Gods calling, she has now selected some of her favorite poetry and compiled them together in this book called God’s Poetic Moments Within.Her poetry captures the realization that God is always with us through our struggles, losses, joys, and sorrows. In sharing her poetry, her prayer is that the reader will leave with a feeling of sustaining hope, peace, and comfort for their own personal life. God bless!

--Catherine M. Burns