God's Public Option: A Separation of Church and State the Way Jehovah Jireh Intended God Punched Back Series, Book Two

It’s too late to repent as a nation. God is preparing us now to remove the flag from between us and Him and replace it with the cross. Satan can and will destroy the American flag that represents freedom, but he will never and cannot destroy the freedom of the cross.

Satan’s goal is to hook everyone to the government financially, submitting us under the control of the new world order and beast system. This debt enslavement will make 1619 slavery look like nursery school, and it must take place before King Jesus returns. Do not despair, though. God has a plan for our exodus, as spoken to the author in 2014.

“I’m birthing something that everyone is talking about and no one has seen.”“

I’m creating a passage to freedom like the underground railroad.”“Man’s laws are irrelevant to Me.”

God’s Public Option is the second book in the God Punched Back series. The series is intended to convey urgent end-times messages and marching orders to God’s people, written in an engaging style that even a child could understand. However, the books are not for children.

God’s public option is a massive zero-government marketplace that will compete with the government for the souls of God’s people like on Mount Carmel. It is divinely practical and tactical and ready to be established right now as a necessary criminal justice reform solution.

There will soon be a mass exodus of people off government subsidy, and Jehovah Jireh promises to dwell with us just as He did with the Israelites when He set them free. And just as Yahweh gave direction to build the tabernacle, He is giving us direction to build a new governing system, our covering for the difficult days ahead.

The sovereign separation of church and state is underway.

--Jane Northrup Glenn