God's Salvation Is in His Word: (Jesus Christ)

God’s Salvation Is in His word (Jesus Christ) is a book full of revelations that will introduce readers to the creation of Jesus Christ, Revelation 3:14, and how He was brought forth as the archangel, and God’s only begotten Son, who is the image of the invisible God. Written under divine inspiration and revelations from God, God’s Salvation is in His Word will illustrate how our Lord, Jesus Christ, is united with the Father, the Godhead. The Holy Scriptures in John 3:18 & 10:30, tells us the Son and the Father are one, Isaiah tells us God and His spirit has sent me, Hebrews tells us that the Son is the exact representation of the father, neuter one thing not one person. John 5:26 tells us Jesus said "as the Father has life in Himself, He has given me life in myself". John 10:30, Jesus says, "the Father and I are one" (literal neuter, or one in essence & nature). Neuter one thing, not one entity, but in essence and nature of God, the exact representation of His being. The book also talks about God’s sanctuary and what it means to every believer. Psalms 77:13 says, “Thou way O’Lord is in thy sanctuary.” This section of the book is very important for the Christian family because it talks about the second coming of our Savior and the era of perpetual peace during His millennial reign.

I pray blessings be upon everyone who reads and understands this book. It is very important this is written so that we can live accordingly to our savior before he comes (returns) and not be like the unbelievers similar with the five unwise virgins read it in the gospel.

--Gloria Oliver

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