God's Sands of Time

“GOD'S SANDS OF TIME” begins by identifying the involvement of dispensations in the texts of the Bible. It also defines the term dispensation as well as what is involved in determining what constitutes a given dispensation.

In order to understand the beginning of dispensations, this book will examine the matter of the biblical account of the creation and the origin of man. Another area that is considered is environmental involvement due to the ending judgment at the close of each dispensation.

In that the pregiven factors determine the opening and closing of a dispensation, the author concludes that there are seven in number. Thus, each dispensation is evaluated in light of the biblical information given from Genesis to Revelation.

In looking at the first five dispensations along with most of the way through the sixth, it is evident that the history of mankind is revealed in Scripture as God has been at work with man through the ages. The reader will also discover that the last two dispensations have much to reveal from Scripture concerning the happenings of the current unrest in the world and God’s plan for the conclusion of this present heavens and earth.

There is also information regarding the “new heavens and new earth that is to be made that will last forever and will be righteous forever.” The understanding of God’s plan through the ages will bring comfort as we see that indeed God is in control and has been all along.

--Dr. Mervil R. Stambaugh