God's Wrath or God's Love?: When God is Love

The title God’s Wrath or God’s Love? was originally used as the topic for a writing course that I happened to be taking during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. I decided to continue the topic because of the events which have crippled our lives throughout the first six months of 2020.The idea for the title had been important because of the horrendous effects of the hurricane and because of the content of the sermons of several ministers during the catastrophic events that occurred during the hurricane.As I am watching the response to the coronavirus, the multiple sickness and deaths, it has become overwhelming and deeply sad and despicable. The situation is again igniting my thinking on the subject of whether this can be “God’s wrath.” We must know that God’s love is evident all around us. But I believe that it is certainly worth our time to consider that God needs to get our undivided attention in order for us to understand that we must make up our minds as to who we are called to be. We are God’s prized possessions! He does love us, but it does not mean that His wrath will not be delivered when we fail to acknowledge Him.God’s love is alive in my belief that He does exist, that everything about God is evident in our continued existence and in our surroundings. Throughout the Holy Bible, God inspired men of faith to tell us how much He loves us. I believe that God’s wrath is only expelled when it becomes apparent that human beings have lost their zeal for righteousness and after multiple failures by man to recognize the love of God.

--Voice D. Jones Guy