Going Deeper with God: Addressing Challenging Issues in Our Relationship with God

“Thank you very much for inviting me to read this book. I found it to be a real spiritual journey—a refresher to a relationship I have enjoyed with our Lord for sixty years and a treasure trove of new insights and clarifications that serve to strengthen my faith in God.”

—Jack Conlin, CPA, CGMA, retired, director of corporate finance, the Salvation Army, US Southern Territory

God Wants a Deeper Relationship with You!

This book digs deeper into exploring many of the challenges we face in establishing and maintaining a meaningful relationship with God. Unfortunately, there are many differing viewpoints out there in the Christian community about this which is creating much confusion.

We hear messages saying God is in control of every single thing. We hear we must listen for the voice of God. We hear God has a plan for our lives. We hear we are to get out of the way and let God handle our problems. We hear various ideas of how the Holy Spirit works. We hear God’s providence will protect us from harm.

Many people are being drawn to Christian teachings which speak of a mighty God who wants to regularly do big, audacious, and miraculous things in people’s lives. Although this sounds enticing, how does God really interact with us and our world? To dig deeper, we must question more. Therefore, topics are addressed with probing questions and insightful analysis.

So we ask, “How important is it for us to find the truth about God?” If faith is built on false premises, how good can that faith be?

Many topics are addressed, and each chapter is full of interesting details.

This book is also a great resource for Bible classes and sermon material.

--Douglas L. Mead, MSSW