Hawaii Pearl

“Look, Lonnie, you’re not in a position to demand more money from me. I’ve paid you plenty.

”Slurring his words, Lonnie whines, “Come on. Since I got kicked out of the Navy, I can’t seem to get any work. You have plenty of dough. ’Sides, you want me ta keep your secrets, don’t ya?”

“You’re pathetic.” Stumbling in the surf, Drugar grabs Lonnie’s arm and jabs bills into his pocket. He shoves Lonnie further out of his way. “Don’t ever contact me again. No one would believe we knew each other anyway.”

As Lonnie trips over a volcanic rock, a big wave crashes the shore simultaneously. The “friend” shakes his head in disgust. He waits for Lonnie to surface, but after a minute nervously jumps into the surf, calling Lonnie’s name. The friend is a strong swimmer but the undertow is scary strong. After looking for over thirty minutes, he realizes a continued search will be fruitless. He drags himself onto the beach breathing heavily. Sitting down in the sand, he can’t believe this turn of events. The first casualty of my plan. Stupid, Lonnie. He didn’t even try to swim. Surely, he knew how! No one could get in the Navy without being able to swim, right? Of course, all the alcohol flowing through his veins probably didn’t help. Damn!

Even the extraordinary peace and beauty of the Hawaiian Island of Oahu can hide a plot designed to bring terror back to the citizens of the United States.

When Ruth and her son, Mark, move to the island, they are seeking a fresh start, one from heroin addiction and the other from widowhood. As they establish themselves and create new friendships, they unwittingly cross paths with people who have unresolved resentments and hatred toward the US.

Through strange connections and surprising “coincidences,” events are set in motion to bring together and bond the diverse team meant to battle this threat and bring healing to their lives.

--Jena Nix

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