He Brought You Out: To Bring You In Positioned for Inheritance

He Brought You Out is an exciting journey as you hear and feel the Lord so strongly call you out from who the world says you are to your perfect design, true identity, and your overcoming abilities. Decide to walk out of bondage and into a place called freedom. You will be drawn to your own personal unveiling of the heart as you navigate your life through Him. Allow the Lord to draw you to the place you were created for, a place of closeness with a Heavenly Father. We are a chosen generation for such a times as this, marked for His glory to fulfill His purpose and our destiny. Lean in, and hear what the Lord desires to unfold and reveal in your life. It’s necessary, it’s fulfilling, and it’s a race against all odds as we become victorious in all situations at all times. We encounter a God who desires to take us to a higher place where victory is always mine because of His design. Your submission to the mission cultivates the strength of a warrior as freedom reigns, and I realize the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me! Reach out and touch the supernatural which is more real than the natural. You are and will forever be complete in Him!

--Renée White