Heaven in Her Hair

Heaven in Her Hair is a true testimony of healing and redemption through Christ after an abortion. The story begins from when I first accepted Christ at 16 years old, but let the world and my living without a relationship with Christ create a slow, but destructive path that almost killed me twice (suicide & a drug overdose). The abortion, that I did not want, created guilt, anxiety and depression that I could not handle, even when my life should have seemed perfect. I struggled for almost 17 years after aborting my first child (even after committing my ALL to Him and finding His Forgiveness and recovering from a drug addiction I used to escape the pain). Circumstance and secrets kept me from complete healing and restoration in Him! However, I finally found true forgiveness, love, peace and joy through surrendering my silence about the abortion and understanding the true depths of Christ's love, forgiveness and atonement. I discovered that grieving over my child was acceptable, that my child matters and the power of claiming her and speaking out is crucial to healing and helping others. There is hope if you are suffering after an abortion and there is love, acceptance and restoration through Christ.

--Kimberley Noggle