Help! I'm a Caregiver: A Book of Helps, Comfort, Insights, and Encouragement

Have you recently become a caregiver, or perhaps are considering it as a profession? Or have you recently been one for a time and are experiencing the stress and anxiety that most often accompany it? Then you are in need of this book.

Caregiving is a very stressful role and occupation for many reasons. This book will acquaint you with the many aspects involved and will frankly deal with the areas as well that are often embarrassing to discuss.

It will offer help and guidance along with spiritual comfort to both caregiver and patient as both navigate these difficult waters. And it will offer practical suggestions to make this journey run smoother.

By the time you finish the book, you will come to see that caregiving is a calling and that caregivers should be thanked and celebrated for being willing to fulfill this vital role. And celebrate and thank them we will, as well as thanking God for giving the strength and support to be one.

--Ernest Tegeder