Hey, Professor Quinn!: Advice and Experiences from a Sassy Nursing Instructor

Are you interested in becoming a nurse? Are you in nursing school and wondering what in the heck you’ve gotten yourself into? Are you a new grad in search of some insight and reassurance?? Well, look no further!When I was a student, a great nurse I worked with at the emergency department told me, “You won’t learn anything about this job until you’re a new grad. Nursing school is designed to teach you how to take a test. That’s it.” So what do they not teach you in nursing school? Well, this clinical instructor/ER nurse has compiled some of the top questions repeatedly asked by her students and placed them all in this little book to help shed some light on what you can expect! So buckle up, my littles! You’re in for a fast, thrilling roller-coaster ride of laughs, tears, and feel-goods that will take your soul through the wonderful world of nursing!She’s a great nurse. She’s kinda scary, but she’s great.—ED physicianUgh, what do you want now?—ED management teamOh great, Anne’s my nurse today…—Trauma surgeonNo! Anne’s my radio nurse?—ED charge nurseOh boy, the black cloud is in charge…—ED staffShe’s a real sasshole…—Former studentMan, Anne just pulled me out of my assignment. Now I’m gonna be exhausted.—Supersad ED nurseI heard about her when I first started working here. I thought she was an urban legend!—ED physician

--Anne Quinn BSN, RN