Homespun and Having Fun

Homespun and Having Fun: Poetry to Edify the Body of Christ.

Daryl Hammond is a self proclaimed Florida cracker, optimist, and a story teller. He has been delighted to entertain family, friends, and fellow church members with his homespun humor and poetic tales. He has always had a desire to use his talent for the Lord, and is now telling his story to a broader audience, and showcasing his talent through this book. He pictures himself a wordsmith, painting pictures with words. He is the least likely person to be writing a book of poetry, but God works in mysterious ways. Furthermore, he insists this book contains something of value for everyone. The author has a unique way of describing his birth, childhood disease, miraculous healing, and the good ole days on the farm. He includes many poems of spiritual reflections. Note the subtle way the author illustrates living life in partnership with the Lord. God is good, and we all need the Lord.

--Daryl Hammond