Hoofprints from Heaven

“Getting a horse to put both eyes on you is easy, but getting the trust to keep them is another story.”

In this book of personal stories, the author takes us on an inspiring trail ride exploring the most important identities in life, issues of the heart, and the purpose for it all. She metaphorically explains how her horsemanship training helped her develop a better relationship with her horse, with other people, and most of all with her master, Jesus Christ.

“Lord, teach me how to put both eyes on you and have unbridled faith.”


“The book was great insight into the life and heart of a girl and her horse. I would not consider myself a horse person, but found myself very interested. It was truly amazing to watch how the simple relationship between the master and the horse related so much to our relationship with God. I found the book to be educational, encouraging, and equipping in my walk with the Lord. I think this book would be a great asset to many people on the journey of life, no matter what trail they may be on.” —Pastor Nathan Hawkins, Associate Pastor Trinity Baptist Church in Asheville, North Carolina


Coming Soon: “Hoofprints Along the Way”

If you like Hoofprints from Heaven, then you’re going to love this next book as Beverly goes deeper into how two-eyed trust with our Creator impacts our relationships with others.

--Beverly Fox Hughes

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