Hope and Courage

It’s a subject nobody wants to talk about until it attacks them! Unless you have been through it yourself, you cannot relate or fully understand what that person is going through. It’s time to bring this topic out into the open and “talk” about it and realize that no one can get through it without support, family, friends, and faith.My journey started in 2013 with my first surgery to remove lymph nodes. The results were “inconclusive.” Five years went by before my lymph nodes would again decide to “freak out” and require another surgery. This time we got answers…The smell of spring was in the air, and the day was sunny and warm. I was trying to finish up the current school year with my kiddos when everything changed. My husband and I had big plans for the summer. We were looking forward to kayaking, camping, fishing; and I was looking forward to playing softball. Then came the doctor’s appointment, and when the doctor said cancer, everything came to a screeching halt in more ways than one.Cancer is devastating, but I chose to put on my armor and fight this beast head-on. I did not realize just how difficult this “battle” was going to be and how much I would be tested physically, spiritually, and mentally. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to face; but with God, family, and friends, I was able to defeat the beast “for now.”Was it easy? No! Do I want to go through it again? No! But after talking with many cancer survivors, I learned that anything is possible through prayer and perseverance. I hope that sharing my story may help someone else get through their journey with hope and courage.

--Lisa (Cox) Kibler