Hot Seat Series: Love and Sex


This is what God wants you to know about your soul and the gift of love and sex. He has a plan for your well-being, which includes living in true love, joy, and peace. He wants you to develop virtue, Godly character, nobility, courage, and to have fellowship with Him.

If you cheapen yourself and the gift of sexual intimacy, you will open the door in your life to pain, sorrow, sickness, and death. You will exchange that which is costly for something dark and filthy. Your relationship with God and with others will be ruined.

Many today are pushing the lie that there are no boundaries on sexual intimacy. Hundreds of millions of people have been led into lifestyles that will destroy them and their families. Your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being will be determined in a large part by how you handle this God-given gift of sex.

--Toby Titan