How Could I Forget: Willa Wonka's Memories: Memories and Letters to My Sweet Dear John: Part 1 - A Series of Willa's Memoirs

Willa Wonka decided to share her story in this four-part series of memories about her past that she is always confronted and haunted by through her dreams during the night. Forgetting the dreadful ordeals of her past seemed impossible, so she sought and found ways how to cope with the past.She looks to God and his word daily for her strength to get through every day, and she constantly meditates in prayer as her medication for healing as well as her spiritual relationship in connection with the Higher Power. One late evening, during her devotional Bible study, she received a sign from God. He gave her confirmation to let go and release those inner demons by telling and sharing her story as part of her healing process and in hopes to help others who may share a similar story. By telling her story, it will also help others that face those same demons find comfort in knowing that there is hope, real true love, peace, and a calm after every storm.Forgiving has all to do with releasing yourself from an internal mental prison and protecting your spiritual soul, but how does one forget? In this first part of Willa’s memories, she takes a journey back to the past and relives her most memorable events, whether good or bad, happy or sad, loved or unloved, frightened or comforted, crazy or sane to confront her past head-on.

--Willa Grant