How They Met

Allen Lee Byram grew up in Virginia. He received a BA in computer science from Strayer University, an AAS in business management from Lord Fairfax Community College. Before college, he worked for himself as Allen the handyman. Then he landed a job with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).In 1999, he started working for FEMA as a computer/network specialist. Working in the tech lab was the main part of his job, and the other part of his job was to travel where a disaster occurred. The disaster could be a flood, hurricane, or tornado. He would travel to these disasters with a special trained staff to do the work. While working with the victims of the storms, he heard many sad stories. He would try to change the conversation to something of a more positive side by asking them how they met.In 2004, he met his wife, Vicki, through an online dating service. As they began to correspond to each other, he realized she also likes to travel. At this time, Vicki was traveling with a couple of her coworkers to the Dominican Republic. When she returned, they met over dinner, and he told her that he was getting ready to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. She went with him.During their travels, they met so many different people, and he would always ask them how they met. This is what inspired him to write this book.

--Allen Lee Byram