Humorous Stories for Life's Seasons

Life is a journey which the soul embarks on. It is like an unfinished book, waiting to add new chapters from stories not yet written. One never knows what the journey will carry one through or even the seasons the journey will bring forth. Only God knows. Yesterday one could have been in a Desert season. Today one could be in a Valley season, looking up at the Mountains. The same God who was with one in their Desert season is the same God with one today in their Valley season, with the view of the Mountains that surround one. The comfort and peace to the believer’s soul is knowing that God can be trusted in every season. As you read and reflect on these little humorous stories of life’s seasons, I pray and hope that you will enjoy one or two little chuckles. I also pray that you may be able to relate and identify with the characters Mountain, Valley, Foothill, Hillside, Flatland, Rangeland, Desert, and Lowland as each goes through the difficulties, disappointments, and ups and downs. Most often, these are part of what some of life’s seasons cause the heart and soul to feel and experience. Enjoy the laughter, love, and lessons from Humorous Stories for Life’s Seasons. Remember that laughter is good for the soul.

--Irene Bryan