Hush: "Jesus Is Speaking"

The title is Hush, Jesus Is Speaking. The word hush means to shut up or be quiet. In this book, I found peace in being quiet and listening to what the Lord has to say to me. It is so interesting how you can read a scripture today and receive a word from the Lord, and next week, you can read that same scripture and get something different. The scripture didn’t change; the Lord just gave you what you needed for that day from that scripture. That’s what’s so interesting about our God. In this book, I talk about having a better relationship with God, putting him first in your life, how to get your prayers answered, being committed to the Lord, and listening to his direction for your lives. He has a purpose for our lives. Let’s walk in it with him leading the way. Thank you for purchasing this book to help you grow in Christ Jesus.

--Erma J. Randle