I Am a Walking Testimony: To God Be the Glory

This book is inspired by my first book titled The Dedication to the Trial of My Life. I want my readers to know the true story behind the poetry and how a strength greater than myself helped me along the way of my life’s journey. This great spiritual being was there throughout my childhood and still is the significant part of my life. I am talking about God, ladies and gentlemen. If it was not for him, I would not be here today. I owe him everything that I am. So with this book, I give him all the glory because he inspired me to write it. In my darkest hour, I birthed out my life’s story. I hope this book sends a powerful message to those who have been labeled the middle child, the black sheep, and lets them know though ostracized and set apart they are still somebody who was born with a purpose and an identity.

--Aishah Kelsick-Ricks