I Danced With The Devil

A journey of a lost and broken spirit looking for love in all the wrong places. A child born into extreme poverty emerges into a world that is cold, dark and unforgiving. At the age of three, Lonnie was ripped from the arms of his beloved mother only to be placed in numerous foster homes and detention centers during his brief innocent childhood. These homes only proved to be cold, unloving, processing houses for abandoned and unwanted children. Lonnie would suffer at the hands of foster parents and others living within these homes. Being beaten and sexually molested at the age of ten, Lonnie retreated deep within himself only to discover a dark evil presence awaiting to control his life. Years go by as Lonnie tries to understand why he was ever born. As a teenager, Lonnie decides to live on the streets and realizes he can cope and manipulate his surroundings through the use of drugs and alcohol. The streets soon become his home and work place. After several years, Lonnie discovers that not only does he hate himself, but the life he has made for himself is ugly and cruel. Lonnie decides the only way out is to take his own life. What Lonnie does not know is that there is someone walking through this hell with him. A man who loves him unconditionally. A man who redeems and restores Lonnie to the person he was created to be. A man who knows his heart, knows his suffering, and his pain. A man who will give Lonnie all he needs if only he will ask and believe. A man that will bring peace and joy for all eternity.

--Jason Marlow